July Meetup & Speed Pitch


July Speed Pitching & Meetup

6:00pm - 8:00pm

Wed July 5th

Three76 Hub,
376 Hunter Street, Newcastle, NSW 2300

Have you ever had a chance to meet with a great opportunity but not been able to start the conversation well?

Maybe you've randomly met a potentially big customer while waiting for your lunch at the local sandwich bar, can you make the most of those 2 minute conversations?

Not all of your opportunities to "pitch" will come with time to prepare a presentation and slide deck. Some great opportunities start with a good 2 minute conversation over a coffee.

On July 5th we're going to give you a chance to practice these exact scenarios, you'll have a chance to "speed date" 10 people for 2 minutes each and pitch your idea or startup.

What if I don't have an idea to pitch?

This is all about some casual fun & pitching experience. You might not have an idea you're currently working on but maybe you've had something rattling around your head for a while. This would be a great opportunity to express that idea & validate it.

So we'd love you to pitch with:

  • An idea your already working on - To gain experience & help solidify it in your mind.
  • An idea you've been thinking about - To help validate it & clarify it by expressing it out loud. 
  • A sensible or existing idea - To gain pitching experience in expressing an idea in 1 minute.

We'll also be joined by the students of STAR4000 Entrepreneurship course as the 2017 edition of STAR4000 finishes up thanks to Slingshot and UoN. So come along hear some great ideas or practice pitching yours, then enjoy an evening catching up over a beverage.